How to Choose Perfect Design for Cardboard Cigarette Box

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ColorHow to Choose the Perfect Design for Your Cardboard Cigarette Box

How to Choose the Perfect Design for Your Cardboard Cigarette Box

The consumption of cigarettes has become a common practice among people of all ages. These nicotine-filled sticks are not only a source of pleasure but also fashion. Cigarettes are one of the most widely consumed products associated with style. As pleasurable as the cigarettes can be, their packaging must also be as pleasing to watch. The products must appeal to the sense of sight before any other senses. So, it is important for you to invest in not just your cigarette but also the cardboard cigarette box.

Importance of a Good and Customized Cardboard Cigarette Box

As mentioned above, your cardboard cigarette box needs to be visually appealing. Many people might wonder how an exterior of a box could have any significance at all. However, the designs of packaging increased the sales of various brands. We have listed a few reasons to make your cigarette box template unique and beautiful.

  • Good packaging shows that the brand cares about the consumer and the product.
  • A customized cardboard cigarette box can allow you to attract the right type of costumers.
  • Colors and patterns have a psychological impact on viewers. So, your packaging gives you a chance to influence your consumers.

A creative and attractive cigarette box template can potentially increase your sales.

Create the Best Cigarette Box Template

There are various tips to curate the best designs, some of which are listed below:

1. Decide on the Impact You Want to Have

By impact, we mean the aura or vibe that your packaging creates. Do you want your cigarette box template to be cool and funky? Do you want your consumers to feel bold while smoking in elite gatherings? It all depends on how your choice of colors and patterns influences the people.

You also need to take extra measures to identify your customers. Knowing your consumers help you create designs that let you connect with the people. So, knowing your consumers is the first step in this process.

2. Bold Patterns for a Bolder Impact

Once you have chosen the impact, you can go for the color of the cardboard cigarette box. You can create packaging that makes smokers show off their cigarette boxes at gatherings. You can achieve this effect by choosing bold and striking colors. Shades such as red, orange, and teal will emit cool and daring vibes. Moreover, you can also select bold patterns to accentuate the bold colors of your box. Therefore, spice up things by choosing spicy colors.

3. Go for Simple Designs: Stay Classy!

If nothing else seems good, go for a simple packaging. Simplicity is without a doubt the best and most elegant choice for any packaging. There are various methods to achieve an amazing design by keeping it simple.       

  • Use a plain white cigarette box template and write your brand name with bold font style and color. This will make your brand title seem more prominent and distinguished.
  • Pick a brown theme for your cardboard cigarette box. If you want to keep things elegant and classy, brown is the perfect option. Brown color displays simplicity, strength, and resilience. Moreover, it is a soothing color, which will help the consumers relax more while smoking.

Use a combination of cool tones with white to create a refreshing design. Shades of pink, blue, and purple are examples of cool tones. You can use these combinations to create various patterns such as stripes. So, by using this technique, you can create an endless range of designs.

4. Cigarette Box Templates with No Gender Bias

Although smokers can be both men and women, cigarette companies advertise their products in a way that attracts men more. The designs of most cigarette boxes emanate a masculine aura. This results in attracting men customers only. One of the best ways to increase your sales is by targeting both men and women. The cigarette box template of your brand has the potential to decide if your consumers will be more male or female. You can create designs keeping in mind the things that allow gender biases. This will not only allow you to increase sales but also create a positive reputation.

Although colors themselves are not created for each gender separately, the society likes to label them as masculine or feminine colors. For example, creating an all-pink cigarette packaging might attract female customers only. On the other hand, an all-black or brown cigarette box template might attract male customers only. If you analyze such parameters, you can avoid gender bias in your products. Here’s how you can create the best-unbiased designs:


  1. Study the different colors associated with men and women.
  2. Pick the color that you want from each category.
  3. Use those colors in balanced contrasts to create beautiful attractive patterns.
  4. Pick a name that is suitable for both genders.
5. Choose Funky Colors

A large population of teenagers are active smokers in this generation. Such kids are at an age that makes them want to seem unique. So, you could design a cigarette box template that is especially meant for such funky spirits. If you wish to create vibrant designs for your cardboard cigarette box, the choices are endless. To create a vibrant and funky vibe, you can select more than one lively color for your packaging. You can create countless combinations using colors like yellow, orange, and green. Targeting the younger population will be the test of your creativity and imagination.

6. All Black

If you are running out of other ideas, the black color will save your day. Black is a dominant color that no person can resist. It attracts people from both genders. So, this color will also help you create an unbiased impact on your consumers. This color will automatically help your product look distinctive and attractive. To add a luxurious touch, you can add a gold or silver pattern to your packaging.

7. Choose the Right Company

Gaining the idea of your design is just the first step. The next crucial step is to hire a company to transform that idea into an actual box. This is a critical step to receive the desired product. Genius Packaging USA is here to create the perfect customized packaging for you. Our competitive performance and expert designers will create high-quality cardboard cigarette box for your brand.


Visual designs are a crucial element of product packages. A brand that wishes to increase sales must invest in their customized packaging as well. This is why, as a cigarette brand, you must create a cigarette box template that attracts the right type of customers. With the help of these efficient tips, you can customize the best package designs.