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How fast can we receive the printed boxes?

We have a fast turnaround time to deliver your boxes to you as fast as possible. The delivery time might depend on various factors. For example, it will depend on how big your order is. Another affecting factor is your location. We try to ship the boxes within 7-10 working days despite these factors.

Can we change the designs if we do not like them?

Our experts try their best to design the customized boxes that you’ll love. Yet, our customers’ satisfaction is our main priority. So, we do not finalize the designs unless our clients are happy with them. Once the customers finalize the designs, we ship them as soon as possible. It is not possible to modify the designs at that stage. 

What type of customized boxes are best for a beauty brand?

We provide our customers with multiple styles of boxes to customize. You can choose from those styles according to your product's size and shape. You can further seek guidance from us designers by contacting us via call, chat box, or email. Our experts will be happy to guide you and let you understand your product requirements.

Do we need to provide you with our dimensions?

Yes! It would be best if you told us your desired dimensions. It would be best if you informed us about the dimensions of your customized boxes. This will ensure that they fit your products appropriately. Not giving us the required proportions will result in undesirable faults. This way, you will receive boxes that do not fit your products in them.

What categories of printed boxes can we customize?

Genius Packaging is a versatile customizing company that provides several service options. The services are not limited to a specific type of brand or industry. At Genius Packaging, you can get designs and customized boxes regardless of industry. We can curate designs for beauty, medical, grocery, sports, and many more brands. All you have to do is share your ideas with us. Our expert designers let you explain your requirements and design the boxes accordingly. They use their expert skills to create eye-catching cardboard boxes for your industry. 

Can we see the design before receiving the final boxes?

We send a high-quality prototype of the design to our customers before the delivery. This way, you will be able to approve the design before receiving them. Our end goal is to fulfill the needs of our customers and meet their industrial demands. Therefore, you can see the final designs before receiving your customized boxes. We do not deliver the boxes if the client has not approved them first.

Do you offer different styles of personalized boxes or just a specific style?

We do not limit our custom box packaging services to just one specific style. Our customers can choose from a variety of packaging styles. These customized boxes include hexagon boxes, double-wall tuck front boxes, and more. We have designed each one of these boxes to fit your products perfectly.

Will you be replicating our designs for other brand owners?

No, our clients' brand logos and packaging designs will remain their identity only. We will never use your designs are a model to curate other designs. We promise our customers to provide them with distinctive designs that are only curated for their needs and requirements. We keep that promise at all costs to protect your brand's reputation. So, your brand's designs will be completely safe with us.

About Genius Packaging

Genius Packaging is the best custom box packaging company to get the designs and logos you want. We aspire to curate innovative and alluring cardboard boxes for your brand. You will be getting professional customization services at the most amazing prices. Our expert designers have years of industry experience and recognize the market trends. We curate your designs most innovatively and aesthetically. Our professionals work day and night and provide their customers with the best output. Our designers have a keen eye for aesthetics and trending designs. So, we can create the most high-quality personalized boxes for you.

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